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This blog post is dedicated to my cousins. I hope we all find our passions and fill our lives with them. 


Life is not something that we should feel like we ‘have to do,’ but something that we should feel like we ‘get to do.’ It should not feel like a chore but rather something we are excited about . We can do small things and put simple efforts into making this a reality in our lives.

Life is a journey in which we are lucky to take part. The problem is not everybody feels this way every day. Sometimes we start to feel like life becomes a destination or a series of them. Sometimes we are only able to think about tomorrow and not focus on what’s happening today. In many cases, daily stressors and mental health issues are something we combat, whether often, semi-often or rarely. I don’t know anyone, no matter how mentally stable, that doesn’t wake up some days and feel like they just need a day off.

Mental health

In just the past few years, mental health awareness has steadily become a more comfortable topic to openly discuss. Many schools and workplaces offer a number of optional mental health days off. This is a small and relatable piece of proof that everyone needs to reset once in a while.

By incorporating activities that we love into our daily lives we can get more excited about every day, and also have more energy to do the things that we don’t necessarily love to do but need to do. Everybody’s threshold for attempting to do this different though, because everybody is on a different path and has their own daily conflicts to combat.

For some of us…

For some of us, progress to doing more of what we love might look like spending an hour each morning doing something that fuels our soul and jumpstarts our day.

For some of us, it may look like dedicating four hours on our day off to participating in an activity that excites us.

For some of us, it may be switching careers or changing majors to be able to spend more of our time doing something valuable for ourselves while also providing value to the world.

For some of us it may be spending five minutes a day or 30 minutes a week whenever we can. It may be all the energy we have to contribute at the time, but it feels helpful and good nonetheless. It feel like growth.

For some of us, actually doing something may be too much right now, and it might look like simply picking up a book about our passions or reading an online articles to spark some inspiration.

I am a firm believer that the more we do, the more we do. No matter how small of a step we take today, it may lead to a bigger step tomorrow and more growth in the future. This is how we have to think of things every day, especially when times are hard.

Helping ourselves

I’ve read several main stream books in the self-help/self-improvement category and I feel like the majority of them share good advice but don’t place a heavy enough recognition on mental health and the issues that can accompany it. They will usually always say something like: “I acknowledge that some people struggle with mental illness. That is real and I’m not discounting that at all.” And then they go on to tell us how we can still try and maybe mention baby steps without really laying them out or making suggestions that are actually relevant to someone who is at a place where they don’t feel like doing much.

In my opinion, these “push through everything” attitudes can leave readers who face additional challenges feeling left out. They can also leave readers who haven’t faced as many challenges unaware and unable to recognize these challenges in others. not understanding that not everyone has the same tools they have.

That’s why it’s important to clarify that if we have a passion but actually doing it doesn’t feel like an option right now, just thinking about it really hard, researching it, writing about it, or drawing a picture of it will help us build energy and momentum. It will give us a little bit of excitement and maybe one day soon we can spend just a few minutes actually participating and see how that makes us feel.

If it’s something that we truly love, it usually feels pretty darn good. No matter how challenging it is to do, or what obstacles we faced to get there, when we spend time doing what we love, we usually develop a sense of pride in ourselves.

The energy we get from doing what we love can help us to do others things. Perhaps things that don’t necessarily excite us, but we will feel good for accomplishing them. These are the baby steps and if we need a day to reset and start over, that’s ok. If we get completely hooked and it want to figure out a way to spend every day doing what we love, that’s ok too. And if we can’t get around to doing it again, if we don’t feel that passionate, it may not be what really fuels us, and that’s ok too. Sometimes life is as much about living your passion as it is about finding it. And often times our passions change throughout our life. Like I mentioned before, we’re all at different places on our journeys and I feel like this is something that needs to be discussed more often.

My story

I’m not claiming to have some great success story (although there’s nothing wrong with success stories, I find them very inspirational) or tell everyone to do what I do to be successful too. Truthfully, I don’t have too many success stories to share. I know what I know because of the few small feats I’ve accomplished on my journey. But I don’t pretend to know everything or even take my own advice all the time.

This blog post is a simple attempt at following my own advice. Writing is something that I love and one of my passions. So by writing this, (a process which I’m thoroughly enjoying) I’m hoping it will better my life in some way today and give me the energy to accomplish more things.

No matter where we are on our journeys, all of our lives are a constant series of of efforts, trials, tribulations and failures. We are all just along for the ride.

I’ve found a few of my passions mainly in yoga, fishing, surfing and writing, but also in smaller tasks like baking and organizing my house, when I spend the time and energy participating in these activities it impacts my life and mental health in a positive way. But these are just a few examples, this post isn’t at all meant be focused on me…

Let’s talk about it

I truly hope that can become an open conversation pertaining to all of us, no matter where we find our passions. Let’s build a judgement-free community and safe place to talk. We are so curious about your passions and what fuels you. Please share what they are and how they’re impacting your life in the comments below.

Love, Gabs

Make Mistakes, Forgive Yourself and Shake Off Embarrassment

We’ve all had times where we’ve felt embarrassed, whether it was from something we did, something we said, or something that has happened to us. But we also know that it’s our mistakes and failures that make us stronger, better and wiser. The faster we move on from them, the faster we improve! Truthfully, I’m trying to work on this myself. I am hoping that reminding myself of these very solid truths and pinpointing some some tactical tricks will help. And also that sharing my own recent mistake can help us all to feel less alone and recover from our embarrassment more quickly so we can back to being our awesome selves as soon as humanly possible.

There’s no point in dwelling on the past.

Once something happened, it’s happened. You can’t change it. It’s over. You made the mistake, you said the wrong thing, The only things you can do are forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on. Easier said than done right?

Sometimes in life, it feels like we only get one shot at something. But that’s never really the case. There’s always going to be a chance to apply what we learn (from any failure or success) to another opportunity, even if it’s not the same exact one.

Have you ever heard the saying; Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together? This is true. I can think of several times in my own life where something went terribly wrong, or I made a really big mistake. But applying what I learned to the next opportunity to made that experience better and both of them worthwhile.

Take this blog for example… Did you know I put a lot of time and energy into creating a travel blog? While it wasn’t a complete flop, I had to accept that it wasn’t something I was passionate enough about to keep up with. It felt like a complete failure when I had to end that journey, but I learned a lot, hopefully enough to make this blog the “better thing that falls together.” But it might not be! The “better thing” might be the next endeavor, or the one after that. As long as there is consistent learning and growth something good is bound to come of it.

If we think of all the lessons we’ve learned from our mistakes or failures that have lead to big successes, it alleviates some of the pressure we put on ourselves.

Remember, you are your own worst critic.

While you may feel a huge burden and blame for what you did to embarrass yourself, if it only affected you, everybody else probably forgot about it a few minutes after it happened. Remember this when you’re thinking about it three days later… is it really worth the time and energy?

Sometimes our mistakes do affect other people, especially if we are on a team or in any type of relationship. The thing to remember is that if the people you are working with really care about you, they understand. They understand that you are only human and humans make mistakes. They make mistakes too. If you have anxiety and constantly worry about other people, like I do, this is a hard pill to swallow. But you can do it! Sometimes I freak out and have trouble breathing just thinking about the mistakes I’ve made. I know I have the power in me to forgive myself, and you can forgive yourself too!

People who care about you, don’t want to hurt you.

If you legitimately do have criticism coming your way, I am not undermining that. One of the beginning steps to dealing with it is to evaluate your criticizer. Where are they coming from, and what skin do they have in your game? If the answers are from the outside and none, just remember: there is no reason to feel guilty about disregarding comments from the peanut gallery.

If the criticism is from someone you truly care about or someone that has been affected by your mistakes, communication is a key component to resolution. They may not know how much what they say affects you, or you may be misunderstanding what they are saying. The bottom line is people who care about you generally don’t have intentions to make you feel bad or embarrassed. And life becomes a lot easier when you decide the opinions of people who don’t care about you don’t matter.

The majority of us don’t have a lot of critics (aside from social media trolls, which can naturally be ignored) and are just working simply on not being our own worst enemies. And that’s ok, we’ll get there and find peace with ourselves.

Why are you taking yourself so seriously?

“how to be HAPPY, dammit: a cynic’s guide to spiritual happiness” is a useful adult picture book of life lessons. I received as a gift one year for my birthday. The dedication reads “Don’t take life too seriously. Love you, Dad”

Needless to say, I have been known, once or twice to “take life too seriously.” I’m holding it in my hands right now because I am going to flip through the pages and find something that can help us to feel a little better and provides potential recovery from our embarrassment. This is a great book and I’ve found it and linked it here because I would highly recommend it for anyone who has been known to “take life too seriously” at times. Thanks Dad, love you too, very much.

Here it is, Life Lesson #18 says: “You must relax and enjoy the ride. You find it helps to remind yourself: You’re not the only one on this bumpy, curvy, frenetic ride called life. You’re not being singled out by the fates to suffer, to feel pain, to be disappointed. Everyone on this planet experiences major disappointments and pain.”

Embarrassment is painful and I feel as if I’ve disappointed myself. If you are also learning how to better handle disappointment, start with yourself. When we disappoint ourselves, we must try our best to forgive ourselves and move on.

Become ok with the possibility of making more mistakes.

So we’ve established that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Some would say it’s ok as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice. Let’s just laugh at how untrue that is and say it’s always OK as long as your trying your best. The truth is, depending on the situation, sometimes it will take 5 or 10 or 50 mistakes to learn. Some things just take practice. When you participate in very challenging activities, like yoga, fishing or surfing, you are bound to fumble on the same things (there are no “mistakes” in yoga) multiple times until you get better. And then you will make new mistakes!

With any challenging activity, there is no end goal, it’s always going to be about improving, gaining experience, and accomplishing new feats. Experienced people make simple mistakes too, they just make them less often.

It’s never the worst thing you could have done.

From the extent of embarrassment I’m currently feeling, you would think that I fell flat on my face in yoga class doing a crow pose, broke my nose and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Or that I completely wiped out in a wave, got dragged under for too long and and a life guard had to come save my life. Or a really big fish pulled me overboard into the water, because I wasn’t strong enough to reel it in.

Thankfully, it was nothing life threatening or really that bad at all in the grand scheme of things. But pointing out these elaborate failures (all of which have some scary realistic possibilities) is a good tactic to help minimize the anxiety, which is telling me is the mistake I’m losing sleep over is the most awful horrible thing I could have done. Clearly it’s not.

So, I bet you’re wondering what happened.

By now you’re probably curious as to what’s gotten me so worked up that I had to write this entire blog about feeling embarrassed and learning from mistakes.

Are you ready for this?…

I tied a bad knot… On someone else’s line… And they lost a really big fish. AHHH! I’m so embarrassed, I can’t believe I’m writing and admitting this on the internet. But it happened and I’m admitting it. If you don’t fish, you probably won’t understand, and you will think I’m cooky, and that’s ok. It was really no big deal. The person it impacted forgave me and brushed it off.

The much bigger question is, can I forgive myself? When I wrote the first draft of this blog I was seriously dwelling on this. It’s been a few days now. After a bit of time has passed and I’ve read my own advice I feel much better.

I acknowledge the lesson that I learned and know I will do my best not to repeat the mistake going forward. I’m going to stop feeling like everybody is still thinking about it, because they’re not. And I have to decide that I’m not going to either

We’re all hard on ourselves when it comes to certain things.

It’s important to be able to look at yourself from a place of non judgement. This will stem forgiveness. I tend to take fishing way too seriously sometimes, which is why this mistake impacted me greatly.

When I do yoga, I have zero judgement on myself. It is my escape from all things negative and restrictive. I have learned, over time and through great teachers, how to enter a non-judgement zone when I step onto my mat.

When I surf, I truly don’t care if I catch a single wave all day. If I’m out there getting tossed around in the saltwater, I’m having fun. Nothing else matters. There was a time when I took this more seriously as well, but something changed along the way and I was able to take the non-judgement I learned in yoga and transition it to surfing. It’s kind of a cool phenomenon.

When the mind gets bogged down in thinking I’m not good enough or I’m never going to improve (trust me I have those days), I try my best to think about it from the outside and see that those statements are nonsense. I know it is true that if you’re doing something and learning from your mistakes you’re going to improve. No doubt about it.

I’ll keep trying my best to see myself as it relates to fishing as a place of non-judgement too. I think it’s hard because I have so many goals I want to accomplish. This is the thing I take really seriously in my life. Are we allowed to take something seriously and forgive ourselves for mistakes? Yeah, I think so. I’ll definitely keep working on this.

The purpose of this blog is truly to build a community. We’d love to hear about your latest failure or success. We’d love to hear about your tricks to forgiving yourself and handling embarrassment. If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, please comment below. I want this to be your blog as much as it is mine.



Why yoga, fish, surf?

Yoga, fishing and surfing are my three greatest passions (besides writing). The purpose of this blog is not only to share my own experiences with these activities, but also to create a welcoming space. If something speaks to you, please feel free to comment and share. Together, we can build community of advice with the intention of promoting positivity and mental health awareness.

These activities can all be very challenging. No matter what activity I am doing, I will definitely accept as much as advice and encouragement as possible!

Why Yoga?

Yoga tremendously helps me on my journey. At times, it is the glue that holds my life together. I am healthier mentally, physically and emotionally when I practice yoga regularly. I took my first yoga class over 10 years ago and I have a lot to say about it. I am hoping to use this platform to share the reasons I find it to be so beneficial for mental health, along with tips and tricks for a fruitful practice. Yoga can be intimidating and challenging when you are a beginner, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are equipped with correct information and have the right mindset, you will enjoy your practice every step of the way.

Why Fish?

Fishing is my #1 passion. I fish both freshwater and saltwater, inshore and offshore. I’ve been fishing since childhood and can tell you first hand; being out in nature and on the water are extremely beneficial to mental health. When fishing you are part of something larger than yourself. Catching fish is the ultimate thrill but respect for the fish and the environment must be a main focus. It truly takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to improve in this sport. It’s hard work and it can be frustrating at times. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way and continue to face an array of challenges on my journey. This platform will promote positivity, equality, conservation, and education in fishing, while also being realistic about the common challenges and difficulties anglers face in todays world.

Why Surf?

Surfing is the extreme challenge in my life. I am very much a beginner/novice but its more of a journey for me, just like yoga or fishing. I had always wanted to learn how to surf. In 2018, I finally took a lesson and I fell in love instantly. I knew I would. The ocean called to me and I listened. Like fishing, surfing completely immerses you in nature. Surfing has has given me some of the coolest experiences of my life. Being that I’m still at the beginning of my journey, I’ve experienced a ton of failure and a few successes. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and struggles I’ve had as a beginner. If I can speak to one thing, it’s getting into the right mind and space to get back out there and keep trying.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check back soon for uplifting and inspiring blog posts! If you’d like to get notified when new content comes out, subscribe to emails here:


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