This blog post is dedicated to my cousins. I hope we all find our passions and fill our lives with them. 


Life is not something that we should feel like we ‘have to do,’ but something that we should feel like we ‘get to do.’ It should not feel like a chore but rather something we are excited about . We can do small things and put simple efforts into making this a reality in our lives.

Life is a journey in which we are lucky to take part. The problem is not everybody feels this way every day. Sometimes we start to feel like life becomes a destination or a series of them. Sometimes we are only able to think about tomorrow and not focus on what’s happening today. In many cases, daily stressors and mental health issues are something we combat, whether often, semi-often or rarely. I don’t know anyone, no matter how mentally stable, that doesn’t wake up some days and feel like they just need a day off.

Mental health

In just the past few years, mental health awareness has steadily become a more comfortable topic to openly discuss. Many schools and workplaces offer a number of optional mental health days off. This is a small and relatable piece of proof that everyone needs to reset once in a while.

By incorporating activities that we love into our daily lives we can get more excited about every day, and also have more energy to do the things that we don’t necessarily love to do but need to do. Everybody’s threshold for attempting to do this different though, because everybody is on a different path and has their own daily conflicts to combat.

For some of us…

For some of us, progress to doing more of what we love might look like spending an hour each morning doing something that fuels our soul and jumpstarts our day.

For some of us, it may look like dedicating four hours on our day off to participating in an activity that excites us.

For some of us, it may be switching careers or changing majors to be able to spend more of our time doing something valuable for ourselves while also providing value to the world.

For some of us it may be spending five minutes a day or 30 minutes a week whenever we can. It may be all the energy we have to contribute at the time, but it feels helpful and good nonetheless. It feel like growth.

For some of us, actually doing something may be too much right now, and it might look like simply picking up a book about our passions or reading an online articles to spark some inspiration.

I am a firm believer that the more we do, the more we do. No matter how small of a step we take today, it may lead to a bigger step tomorrow and more growth in the future. This is how we have to think of things every day, especially when times are hard.

Helping ourselves

I’ve read several main stream books in the self-help/self-improvement category and I feel like the majority of them share good advice but don’t place a heavy enough recognition on mental health and the issues that can accompany it. They will usually always say something like: “I acknowledge that some people struggle with mental illness. That is real and I’m not discounting that at all.” And then they go on to tell us how we can still try and maybe mention baby steps without really laying them out or making suggestions that are actually relevant to someone who is at a place where they don’t feel like doing much.

In my opinion, these “push through everything” attitudes can leave readers who face additional challenges feeling left out. They can also leave readers who haven’t faced as many challenges unaware and unable to recognize these challenges in others. not understanding that not everyone has the same tools they have.

That’s why it’s important to clarify that if we have a passion but actually doing it doesn’t feel like an option right now, just thinking about it really hard, researching it, writing about it, or drawing a picture of it will help us build energy and momentum. It will give us a little bit of excitement and maybe one day soon we can spend just a few minutes actually participating and see how that makes us feel.

If it’s something that we truly love, it usually feels pretty darn good. No matter how challenging it is to do, or what obstacles we faced to get there, when we spend time doing what we love, we usually develop a sense of pride in ourselves.

The energy we get from doing what we love can help us to do others things. Perhaps things that don’t necessarily excite us, but we will feel good for accomplishing them. These are the baby steps and if we need a day to reset and start over, that’s ok. If we get completely hooked and it want to figure out a way to spend every day doing what we love, that’s ok too. And if we can’t get around to doing it again, if we don’t feel that passionate, it may not be what really fuels us, and that’s ok too. Sometimes life is as much about living your passion as it is about finding it. And often times our passions change throughout our life. Like I mentioned before, we’re all at different places on our journeys and I feel like this is something that needs to be discussed more often.

My story

I’m not claiming to have some great success story (although there’s nothing wrong with success stories, I find them very inspirational) or tell everyone to do what I do to be successful too. Truthfully, I don’t have too many success stories to share. I know what I know because of the few small feats I’ve accomplished on my journey. But I don’t pretend to know everything or even take my own advice all the time.

This blog post is a simple attempt at following my own advice. Writing is something that I love and one of my passions. So by writing this, (a process which I’m thoroughly enjoying) I’m hoping it will better my life in some way today and give me the energy to accomplish more things.

No matter where we are on our journeys, all of our lives are a constant series of of efforts, trials, tribulations and failures. We are all just along for the ride.

I’ve found a few of my passions mainly in yoga, fishing, surfing and writing, but also in smaller tasks like baking and organizing my house, when I spend the time and energy participating in these activities it impacts my life and mental health in a positive way. But these are just a few examples, this post isn’t at all meant be focused on me…

Let’s talk about it

I truly hope that can become an open conversation pertaining to all of us, no matter where we find our passions. Let’s build a judgement-free community and safe place to talk. We are so curious about your passions and what fuels you. Please share what they are and how they’re impacting your life in the comments below.

Love, Gabs